Dan Schiller

Kids are incredible and I’ve been drawn to and have stayed with youth work because of the honesty, enthusiasm, resilience, optimism, kindness, and willingness to try things that young people display. I’ve been fortunate to work with youth and families since 2003 and since 2006 my work has been centered in Milwaukee. My driving force is ensuring that all kids regardless of circumstance have the opportunities, supports, and encouragement they need to realize their fullest potential.

I have a Bachelors in Psychology (UW Madison), a Masters in Social Work (UW Milwaukee) and as a lifelong learner, I’ve engaged in extensive continuing education focused on things like design thinking, experiential education, the benefits of play, coaching and leadership, organizational culture, strategic planning, project management, and social entrepreneurship.

I live in the Milwaukee area with my wife (Lindsay) and 2 daughters (Teigan and Grace). In my free time I coach youth soccer, I like to work with my hands on my house, on my bikes, and in my yard, and I try to spend as much time active and outdoors hiking, biking, swimming, and being, as is humanly possible.