Larry Willis

My decades of experience, knowledge and education working in community-based and non-profit organizations allowed me to assist and empower families and their children to believe anything is possible. Being excited about my role is an understatement. It’s a passion! I get the opportunity to bring individuals with the desire and passion I have to promulgate the vision and mission of I Have a  Dream Foundation.The vision: Our dream is a world where every child has equal access to the educational and career opportunities that will ignite their innate potential. The mission:To empower students from historically marginalized communities to thrive at school, at home, and in the community by providing individualized social, emotional, academic, and family support from first grade to first job, along with guaranteed post-secondary tuition assistance. My educational background: Associate in Community Service, Bachelors In Social Welfare, Masters in Theology. The numerous continuing education courses that allowed me to stay relevant and updated. Also, growing up in similar neighborhoods, marginalized/under-resourced communities gave me a direct channel to communicate from experience. What I would love to do or add as a human touch is that our Dreamers and their family truly believe that dreams can come true.