Mary Kellner

Mary received her BS in Elementary Education in 1968 at UW Madison, and her masters in Guidance and Counseling from the School of Education  at UWM in 1978. She completed her Doctorate in Education at Cardinal Stritch in 2007. Her research documented some of the cultural aspects of an effective MPS Elementary School.   

She has taught elementary school and been an elementary guidance counselor, but the last twenty years have been spent volunteering and doing board work at numerous non-profit organizations such as Next Door, UW Milwaukee Foundation, The Nehemiah Project, Schools That Can Milwaukee, City Forward Collective, Pathways High, and The I Have A Dream program. She was a trustee for the Faye McBeath Foundation for 10 years and is a trustee of the Cardinal Stritch Board.  

She also spends considerable time working with the Kelben Foundation, a family foundation, that she presides over.The Foundation has funded hundreds of scholarships for high school seniors,endowments for Professorships, and many other Educational and Health initiatives. Mary is committed to helping address the achievement gap that Milwaukee’s children  are facing in addition to some of the other disparities that exist in the community.